Cypress River Resource Centre

"Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must first be overcome." - Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)


Formerly the Cypress River Consolidated School, this facility educated the community's children from its first classes held in 1959, until 2009 when reduced student numbers led to its closure. A reunion was held that summer to celebrate this wonderful facility, its dedicated teaching staff and hundreds of students.

A public meeting was held in June, 2011, to discuss ideas for the property's future use. With over twenty individuals indicating an interest to be involved in the future direction of this property, an executive was formed and a tender submitted to the Prairie Spirit School Division. A short time later, we were notified that our tender was successful. CRRC is incorporated, with a Board of Directors to guide its operations.

Our first success was an outdoor perennial plant sale in October, 2011; followed by the opening of Encore! - a second hand store within CRRC at the beginning of November, 2011. This retail area has brought many out-of-towners to the community, provided an outlet for unwanted items, serves as a meeting place and is providing a real-life work experience for a high school student. Monthly farmers’ markets through the winter months provide locals and visitors with fresh baking, preserves and other wholesome “make it, bake it, grow it” items.

Our vision:

- to create a hub of economic development,

- to enhance the quality of life for community residents by providing a wide variety of educational opportunities whether they be arts-related, sport-related, life enhancing, skills-based or academic,

- To provide employment opportunities to as many local residents as possible,

- To stimulate the local economy by buying locally, using local facilities and hiring local employees,

- To circulate profits back into our community through local purchases, competitive wages and CRRC growth,

- To inject vibrancy and a sense of optimism into our community by providing a concrete example of a successful community-initiated project.

- To build a connection between the communities of our region by working together in a cooperative way to provide opportunities for all of our citizens,

- To make the entire region a more attractive place to live by providing as many educational opportunities as close to home as possible.

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